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Monday, November 07, 2005

the great Satan

When I went to Nicaragua, I expected some anti-Americanism, what with a decade-long proxy war & all, but it never materialized.

When I went to Egypt, I expected some anti-Americanism, what with US policy in the Middle East & all, but it was rare & most people were happy to talk to me, to try to figure out why the US government acts as it does.

When I came to Serbia, I expected some anti-Americanism, what with the NATO bombing & all, but it has been slight: an unfriendly police officer and stumbling upon the monument to "the children killed by NATO aggression" last week.

What I did not expect was the tremendous anti-Americanism from Western European ex-pats here. Sure, the US is imperfect. Our foreign policy is misguided. Our insistence on driving collosal cars hurts the environment. The lack of a national healthcare program is criminal. We eat too much.

But America's absurd military spending kept Western Europe free from communism. Coca-Cola wouldn't be everywhere if people didn't buy it. Our unemployment rate is nowhere near the 30+% it is in Sweden.

Maybe we deserve a little bit of credit.

Maybe people shouldn't say "and you admit it?" when I say I'm an American. American citizenship is not a pathology.


  • At 1:12 AM, Blogger oleg said…

    trust me there is anti-americanism in serbia youre just not looking in the right places. and im sorry but i dont think you stressed on the "misguided foreign policy" enough. no one realy cares if theyre fat. come here, to the middle east, and youl see some misguided foreign policy and youl get a taste of the hatred towards americans. the US bombarded the iraqi university and museum. im sorry but thats thousands of years of knowledge and culture. something a lot of americans dont understand. NATO bombed serbian churches. "in god we trust"...im sorry, thats a lie. my mothers from kosovo, half my family liveD there...its people that were affected that feel the hatred. the others are just hating cuz now its cool to hate america. and as far as the communism goes... its overated. communism isnt HALF bad as americans make it seem. i dont know, theyre just my opinions. i just re-read my comment and i didnt mean to direct it to YOU personally but im just speaking in general...america still imperialising is a problem. i dont know how many countries have a foreign army base thats non-american. but i dont have enough fingers on my hand to count how many countries HAVE american bases.

  • At 11:05 PM, Blogger Guerilla Ped said…

    R, I always knew you were a Republican deep down.

  • At 3:14 AM, Blogger Diana said…

    interesting insights. lets get some fair trade organic coffee next time you're in portland.


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