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Monday, August 07, 2006

somebody's watching you

About a month ago, I put a statcounter on this blog. Checking it has become a frequent habit. Not only can I see what countries you are visiting from, but I can see what search terms lead people to my site.

Most of the time, people end up here after searching something Serbia related, but not always.

In google, this site is the 14th to appear if you search for polish beer syrup.
It is 11th if you search for "I am a giantess." (that has to be in quotes.)
It is 7th if you search for why lying is bad.

And, my blog is the first result if you search for navel pants.

The internet is so weird.


  • At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Milica said…

    Dear Rachel,

    Got to your blog researching my family tree. Nothing weird there. Your blog is the best, most perceptive (and not at all "ugly American" winey) which is very encouraging. I should know, since I was born in BG and I know what you're talking about. Keep us posted and all the best.


  • At 6:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    rachel, start writing bit more interesting about what you do in belgrade and your impressions. cheers!

  • At 8:37 PM, Blogger Brooke said…

    Love the statcounter!!! Thanks for telling us about it!

  • At 5:32 PM, Blogger rachel said…

    Thanks, Milica & I'm glad you are enjoying the statcounter, Brooke.

    I learned today that I'm the 8th most p[opular site for 'Croatia prostitution 2005.'

  • At 5:08 AM, Blogger Darinka said…


    I am new to blogging and trying to find others with similar Serb background as myself. One helpful fella suggested to comment on other blogspots, but the few I located did not provide blogger comments. One in particular screens comments, and I don't even know if he received mine.

    Any suggestions? Internet searches do come up with weird sites. An Hungarian immigrant friend has located other homeland immigrants to the USA quite easily. I am puzzled. Thanks for any help.

  • At 5:18 PM, Blogger rachel said…


    I am not quite sure how to find other Serbian immigrant bloggers in the US. Good luck with your search.


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